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New Citroën Ami for ALL: Inclusive mobility for all

Citroën Ami for ALL enables disabled people to drive

Citroën recently launched AMI for All, an initiative dedicated to people with disabilities, offering an accessible, licence-free transport solution synonymous with freedom of movement. Following the enthusiasm generated by the prototype, Citroën has decided to market it at a reasonable extra cost so that all disabled people can drive a Citroën AMI.

Meeting unique needs: The versatility of AMI for all

In partnership with Citroën, PIMAS has developed a range of tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of each disabled customer. Focusing on user-centred design, these solutions offer innovative features:

  • Improved accessibility: The door opening angle has been increased to 90°, allowing the customer to position their wheelchair parallel to the sill after opening the driver's door. In addition, a removable and retractable table facilitates independent transfer from the wheelchair to the driver's seat, thanks to a strap fixed to the upper part of the inner door frame.

  • Adapted storage solutions: The wheelchair has two storage options. It can be stored in the front of the passenger compartment, with the wheels secured in the footwell by a special strap to free up the passenger space. Alternatively, a dedicated space at the rear of the AMI for All allows the wheelchair to be transported with a passenger thanks to an aluminium luggage rack.

  • Simplified driving: Inside, the driver benefits from a ball on the steering wheel for easy handling, as well as an intuitive mechanical lever that allows manual control of the accelerator and brake pedals, while retaining the functionality of the pedal board.

Personalised and simplified customer journey

The AMI for All shopping experience is designed to be efficient and adaptable, with personalised support at every stage:

  • Simple ordering: Customers can order their AMI on the dedicated Citroën AMI Store website, where they will be contacted by a dedicated operator to assess their needs and manage the logistics of the vehicle transformation. At the same time, the customer can personalise their vehicle in collaboration with PIMAS to ensure a precise response to their specific needs.

  • Personalisation options: For an additional cost of €3,600, the customer can order a package including various adaptations, such as combined mechanical floor accelerator/brake, 90° door opening and other customised options. The conversion of the vehicle is carried out in France and is guaranteed for 2 years on parts and labour.

  • After-sales service: 24/7 assistance is available for 2 years thanks to Europ Assistance. In addition, the package is eligible for the "Disability Compensation Benefit". The customer can choose between free delivery to the point of sale or home delivery for an additional charge of €200.

In summary, Citroën AMI for All offers an adapted and personalised mobility solution that meets the specific needs of people with disabilities, while guaranteeing a smooth and simplified customer experience. A truly modern Citroën that fully lives up to the brand's promise of making electric cars accessible to all, including people with disabilities, who will find a practical, accessible and adapted transport solution.

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