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New Citroën C3: all the photos and videos

La nouvelle Citroën C3 vue de face avant

That is why Citroën has just unveiled the all-new C3, a fourth generation that marks a total renewal for the brand and the start of a new era. The new C3's mission is to make electric driving accessible, with a starting price of less than €25,000, bonus not deducted for a range of 320 km and 113 hp. Discover all the photos and videos of this new generation, which is proving to be successful and particularly competitive.

Exterior style:

It's a revolution for the new C3, which transforms its silhouette into a true crossover. A saloon that incorporates the codes of the SUV, the new C3 gains more than 9 cm in height, radically changing its silhouette to become a city adventurer. This makes it easy to live in and carry sufficient batteries for a range of 320 km, while standing out from the competition and following in the footsteps of the current generation C3.

An interior of incredible detail

If the C3 has revolutionised the exterior, it has also revolutionised the interior with a brand new dashboard that is innovative in that it removes the instrument cluster and replaces it with an integrated head-up display under a cover. This ensures excellent visibility in all circumstances, but also maintains a very thin, very horizontal dashboard that offers maximum forward visibility. The interior promises to be the most comfortable, especially with the new Advanced Comfort seats, which are uniquely soft and offer better lateral support.

In conclusion, the new C3 hits hard on the market and shows itself to be a unique proposition with its 113 horsepower electric engine and its 320 km autonomy, which it has the gift of not charging much since the starting price is set below the 25,000 euros, a price that could even go down to around 23,000 euros, bonus not deducted, ie a bonus price included around 18,000 euros. If we consider that the Renault Clio or the Peugeot 208, in the 90 or 100 bhp thermal version, start at €19,600, we can see the enormous advantage of this new C3, which also promises to be liveable and extremely comfortable. A real success for Citroën with a C3 that follows in the footsteps of the previous generation in the hope of repeating or even increasing its success, it has all the qualities.

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