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New Citroën C3 Aircross: A 7-speed automatic in Latin America

The new Citroën C3 Aircross behind Vanessa Castanho, Citroën director for Latin America

Unveiled last April, the new C3 Aircross SUV is about to be launched in India, as well as in Latin America, where the launch is scheduled for October. Although the new C3 Aircross has much in common with both regions, it is very different on the technical side, especially in terms of the automatic transmission.

The C3 Aircross will be launched in India, where it will be available with a very limited range of engines and gearboxes, offering consumers only one choice: Puretech 110 engine and 6-speed manual gearbox. However, the C3 Aircross will also be marketed in Indonesia, where it will only be available with a 6-speed automatic gearbox, still mated to the Puretech 110 engine. But the brand's new SUV is technically very flexible, as the brand proves by indicating that the new C3 Aircross will be available in Latin America with a completely different automatic gearbox to the one offered in Indonesia.

In fact, it was not the voice of Vanessa Castanho, Vice-President of Citroën for South America, that announced that the new C3 Aircross would be available with a 7-speed automatic gearbox, with the possibility of shifting in sequential mode and continuously variable, i.e. the box used by vehicles of the FCA group where, according to rumours, it would be associated only with a single engine, the Firefly engine, also of FCA origin, developing here a power of 130 hp. The Citroën director for Latin America also provided some information on the equipment of the brand's new compact SUV, indicating that it will have a 7-inch instrument cluster, a limiter and regulator. speed, an additional ventilation system for the second and third rows of seats and wheels up to 17 inches. According to Vanessa Castanho, the new C3 Aircross "is a project based on research in which we have listened very carefully to what our customers want: a unique design that is Citroën's DNA, with space, robustness and versatility. And also with the accessibility of the brand, not only in the purchase but also in the use of the vehicle".

A single vehicle, a single technical base, but a completely different range of engines and transmissions depending on the countries in which the new C3 Aircross is marketed, this is also one of the great strengths of Citroën and Stellantis. Thus, in the three regions of the world where it will be marketed, the new C3 Aircross will have three different engine-transmission offerings, since it is a safe bet that in Europe, the brand's new SUV will be offered with a Puretech hybrid engine. of 100 and/or 136 hp combined with the new ëDCS6 automatic transmission.


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