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New Citroën Berlingo 2024: All photos

Le nouveau Citroën Berlingo 2024 adopte une nouvelle face avant

Citroën has just unveiled the restyling of its flagship MPV, which has been a great success since the first generation was launched in 1996. The new Berlingo 2024 gets a completely new front end and a revised interior with a new steering wheel, a new multimedia screen and, above all, new Advanced Comfort seats for improved comfort.

The current third generation of the Berlingo took a clear lead when it was launched in 2018, transforming the brand's MPV into an MPV while maintaining exceptional habitability and modularity. If the transition to a single electric engine caused it to lose customers, the new Berlingo 2024 increases its autonomy, allows finer adjustment of energy recovery and is equipped with a new battery for greater versatility.

Here are the exterior photos:

Here are the photos of the interior:

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