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March 2023 review - SPAIN car market

Following a steady improvement in production and deliveries, the Spanish car market grew by 66.1% in March to reach 99,524 units. However, this increase does not yet compensate for the losses suffered since 2019, when the market exceeded 120,000 units in March. Electric vehicles benefited from this, with sales rising by 63.1% to 5,684 units, representing 4.83% of the market, while plug-in hybrids grew by 78% to 6,006 units, representing 5.17% of the market. .

Sales of the

  • ALFA ROMEO, up 134% to 440 units

  • CITROËN, up 38% to 4,668 units, giving it a 4.69% market share

  • DS up 22.9% to 543 units

  • FIAT were up 31.5% to 2,376 units, giving a market share of 2.39%.

  • JEEP up 2% to 851 units

  • MASERATI are 58 units

  • OPEL were up 78.9% to 4,190 units, giving a market share of 4.21%.

  • PEUGEOT were up 82% to 8,016 units giving a market share of 8.05%.

Stellantis sales totalled 21,142 units, an increase of 57.61% and a market share of 21.24%. The group is thus following the market trend with growth for all these brands, some very strong and others less so. Citroën is in the middle and continues to perform well in Spain, even if the brand is slightly down for the month of March.

In terms of models, the C4 is back in the spotlight and is the brand's best seller in March with 1,417 units sold, an increase of 50.91% compared to March 2022, ahead of the Peugeot 308 (1,062 units) and the Renault Mégane (752 units), making it the best-selling French compact sedan in Spain. The Chevrolet saloon overtook the C3, which saw its sales increase by just 0.36% to 1,391 units. Note the excellent performance of the C5 Aircross, which rose by 312.43% to 730 units, while the C5 X reached 175 units, ahead of the Peugeot 508 (118 units) but just behind the Peugeot 408 (188 units).

In terms of electrified vehicles, the Citroën C4 is the second best-selling vehicle in Spain with 234 units, its sales increasing by 148.42% to reach a market share of 5.46%.

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