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June 2023 Review - CHINA Car Market

The month of June seems to show a slowdown for the Chinese automotive market, with sales increasing by only 2.5% to 2,561,000 units, despite government incentives and marketing efforts by many manufacturers. Electric vehicles are the big winners in the market and the main driver, with an increase of 32.8% in June to 784,000 units, representing a market share of over 30%.

In this context, Citroën's sales fell by 74.78% to 1,101 units and PEUGEOT's by 65.99% to 1,922 units, taking into account the fact that no DS was sold in June. The group's situation in China is therefore increasingly difficult and the weight of China in the group's financial results is becoming anecdotal.

Here are the sales figures by model:



Note that the figures quoted here refer to cars produced regardless of where they are sold, so actual sales figures may differ from those quoted here. There is no explanation for the poor performance of the Stellantis in China, the 408X, the equivalent of the Peugeot 408 in Europe, does not seem to be taking off and has very low production figures, while the Citroën C5 X, the most produced car in the group due to its export to Europe, has collapsed. Only the C6 is resisting, and surprisingly, the big discounts offered by the brand on the C6 have allowed it to reappear in the eyes of consumers and at least revive its career.

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