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January 2023 review - SPAIN car market

The Spanish car market rebounded very strongly in the first month of the year, with growth well above that recorded in other European countries. With 64,147 cars sold in January, the Spanish market grew by 51.4%, an increase that must be put into perspective with the very low level of January 2022. Compared to January 2020, the Spanish market is still significantly down at -25.8%.

In this context, sales of the

  • ALFA ROMEO, up 124.3% to 166 units

  • CITROËN were up 50.6% to 3,198 units, giving a market share of 4.99%.

  • DS down 1% to 286 units

  • FIAT were up 115% to 1,997 units, giving a market share of 3.11%.

  • JEEP up 0.9% to 644 units

  • MASERATI are 54 units

  • OPEL were up 91.3% to 1,936 units, giving a market share of 3.02%.

  • PEUGEOT are up 8.5% to 3,980 units for a market share of 6.20%.

In total, Stellantis sold 12,261 units, an increase of 40.27% and a market share of 19.11%. Citroën's figures are in line with the market trend and higher than those of Stellantis, but it is interesting to note that between 2019 and 2022, Citroën's market share will shrink by 0.2 points (4.99% against 5.20% in 2019), while Peugeot's will fall from 9.03% to 6.20% in 2023, a much greater loss.

In terms of models, the C4 is the brand's first sale in Spain with 1,126 units and a 52.78% increase in sales, it is doing better in Spain than in France. Its electric version is 4th on the electric car market with 169 units and a market share of 5.52%, the electric C4 thus represents 15% of C4 sales, a record in Spain since its launch.

The C3 is the brand's second best-seller with 851 units sold, an increase of 12.57%. It should be noted that Citroën's SUVs are doing even better, with the C3 Aircross up 120.63% to 695 units and the C5 Aircross up 100.99% to 408 units. Finally, the C5 X sold 118 units in January, making it second in its segment.

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