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January 2023 review - EUROPE car market

As expected, the increase in the main markets led to an increase in the European automotive market, which increased its sales by 10.7% (including EU+EFTA+UK*) to 911,064 units. This good performance must be seen in the context of a very difficult month of January 2022, at the height of the components crisis, and in truth the European automotive market is still very weak, almost 18% below its 2020 level.

In this context, sales of the

  • ALFA ROMEO, up 107.6% to 3,430 units for a market share of 0.4%.

  • CITROËN, up 1.8% to 27,152 units for a market share of 3%.

  • DS up 22.5% to 3,954 units for a market share of 0.4%.

  • FIAT up 15.3% to 31,828 units for a market share of 3.5%.

  • JEEP were up 8.5% to 9,927 units for a market share of 1.1%.

  • OPEL were down 11.2% to 29,448 units for a market share of 3.2%.

  • PEUGEOT fell 10.3% to 46,789 units, giving a market share of 5.1%.

Overall, Stellantis' sales fell by 0.2% to 156,553 units, giving it a market share of 17.2%. The group did not benefit from the growth in the market and was affected by the fall in sales at Peugeot and Opel, resulting in a widening gap with the Volkswagen group, whose sales increased by 11.2% for a market share of 26.1%, thus increasing the gap between Stellantis and Volkswagen to 8.9 points of market share.

For its part, Citroën's sales increased slightly, confirming the analysis of the main markets. Sales in other European countries compensated for the loss in France, which now accounts for 30.22% of the brand's sales, compared with 37.79% for Peugeot and 50.63% for DS.

* For the European figures, we have chosen to take those that include the United Kingdom, which is no longer included in the European Union sales figures due to Brexit.Taking the European Union, United Kingdom and EFTA (Switzerland, Norway, etc.) figures gives us the widest complete panel.

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