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[Analysis] January 2023 report - the main European countries

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While we wait for the results of all the European countries to be announced, the figures for the main countries, which represent more than 75% of the total in Europe, are interesting to watch and analyse to see how the brands perform in each country, but also in general, with surprises in the key.

Faced with a severe shortage of components to which were added logistical difficulties, most European markets posted increases compared to January 2022, even if the level of these markets is still very low compared to post-covid years. Thus, the seven main European markets show, in total, an increase of 12.45% compared to January 2022 with increases in all countries except Germany.

An analysis of these various figures shows that Fiat, DS and, to a lesser extent, Citroën all recorded an increase in sales, which is particularly interesting for Citroën, which is in sharp decline in France but whose performance in other countries more than compensated for the loss. . The brand is on the rise in all countries except France and Belgium, with fairly strong performances that outperform the markets, particularly in Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. v


On the basis of these figures, it is also interesting to look at the weight of each country in the total sales of each brand, in order to see where the brands are strongest. France is logically the main market for the French brands, but its weight in Citroën's sales (36.38%) is significantly lower than that of Peugeot (46.98%) and DS (58.37%), both of which are highly dependent on the French car market. The advantage for Citroën is therefore to be able to "catch up" with other countries and to be less dependent on France, although overall sales would be much better if France had the same weight in Citroën's sales as Peugeot. Finally, it should be noted that Fiat is heavily dependent on Italy, which accounts for more than 61% of its sales, a sign that Fiat sells mainly in Italy.

For information, here are the figures for each brand in the main European countries:v

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