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January 2023 Report - COLOMBIA Car market: Citroën explodes the counters

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After ending 2022 on a positive note, with the market growing by 3.2%, the Colombian automotive market starts 2023 with big losses. Indeed, with 11,909 registered units, the Colombian market fell by 23.8% due to high inflation, a negative exchange rate and logistical problems.

In a market in sharp decline, Citroën exploded with a very strong increase in sales, reaching record levels in terms of sales and market share. With 166 units sold in January, Citroën recorded an increase in sales of 107.5% and a market share of 1.39%, an increase of almost one point compared to January 2022.

The brand ranks twelfth in terms of overall sales, a position that brings it closer to its goal of being in the top 10 by 2025 and makes Citroën the Stellantis Group's first brand in Colombia. These good results come despite the fact that the brand has not yet launched the new C3 locally, which should arrive in March and which, thanks to competitive prices, should allow Citroën to continue to develop its sales, with the ambition of selling more than 2,800 units for the whole of 2023, which would allow it to achieve a market share of 1.4% and rank eleventh in terms of sales (VP+LCV).

Since 2016, Citroën has been experiencing a real renaissance in Colombia thanks to the Derco Automobiles teams who have rebuilt the network, redefined the range and rebuilt Citroën's brand image.Year after year, they have set out to conquer the Colombian market with success, as the brand is getting closer to the top 10, a position that was unthinkable just 6 years ago.

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