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Future electric DS 4: arrives mid-2024

the DS 4 in gray color three-quarter front view

It has been known for a long time: DS will offer a 100% electric version of its compact sedan, the second-generation DS 4. This latest version will complement the current range of engines, particularly hybrids, and demonstrate DS' commitment to a rapid energy transition.

2024 will be an electric year for DS as, in addition to the presentation of the future D85 (probably called DS 8), the brand will offer a 100% electric version of the DS 4 for which the Rüsselsheim factory, where it will be manufactured alongside the other engines, is starting work. In fact, DS announces that the German plant where the DS 4 is manufactured is starting work on the future production of the electric DS 4, with production planned for mid-2024.

It is therefore in less than a year that the electric DS 4 will be presented, a DS 4 that would use the 156 hp engine of Stellantis-eMotors, which would be associated, the condition is required, with a different battery pack (perhaps coming from ACC, partner of Stellantis) allowing the DS 4 to respond effectively to the competition that is strengthening month after month.

Pieter Ruts, Director of Stellantis' Rüsselsheim plant, says: "We have returned from the summer holidays and are very pleased that our Rüsselsheim plant is now preparing to produce the all-electric DS 4. We are proud to have been entrusted with this important task. We look forward to representing premium quality "Made in Germany" for DS Automobiles worldwide. Our dedicated employees in Rüsselsheim are aware of the enormous responsibility, are highly motivated and look forward to this challenge".

The Rüsselsheim plant, which is returning from a three-week holiday shutdown, is therefore starting work on the production of the future 100% electric version of the DS 4, which is due to start at the end of the first half of 2024. The work to be carried out at the plant mainly involves the transformation of the body-in-white plant, where the welding cells and the substructure production line will be adapted to a higher number of vehicles to be produced.

In conclusion, 2024 promises to be the electric year for DS, which will begin its transformation into a 100% electric brand with this future DS 4, but also with the D85 programme, which will show the way for future DS. In order to succeed in the premium segment, the choice of a 100% electric turn makes it possible to limit the competition, but it is still necessary to have the technical means to do so, which Stellantis seems to be preparing.

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