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Future DS 8: It shows a little more in photos

La future DS 8 vue de face avant lors des essais

Having already surprised us twice during testing, the future DS 8 has been photographed again during these development tests in the far north, this time with slight changes to the camouflage, revealing new details on the front and rear.

The future DS saloon, to be unveiled during the summer, will mark a turning point in the brand's history, as all future DS models will be 100% electric, although this could change depending on the market, as sales of electric cars do not seem to be as strong as the manufacturers had expected. In any case, it is in a 100% electric engine that this future DS 8 will be presented and marketed and should use the 210 hp engine of the latest Peugeot e-3008 without the batteries, since the DS 8 should also inaugurate, for Stellantis, the batteries manufactured by ACC in France, in which the group is a shareholder.

Le concept DS E-Tense Performance inspirera la future DS 8
The DS E-Tense Performance concept will inspire the future DS 8

Based on the STLA Medium platform, the future DS 8 will appear as a large, slightly raised saloon and not as a coupe SUV, and these latest photos show quite clearly the shape that this future large high-end saloon will take. With a slightly different camouflage, the future DS 8 shows a little more in these new photos, including the front projectors which seem very thin and which should present LED guides already appeared on the DS E-Tense Performance concept, the brand having announced on that occasion that these future models would use the front design, the DS 8 confirms it.

But these new photos also give some clues about the rear, with rear lights that should also benefit from light guides that sink deep into the shield, again as on the DS E-Tense Performance concept.

This last set of photos clearly shows that this future DS 8 will be a large saloon, there is no doubt about it, it will be slightly raised to maximise aerodynamic efficiency, but we will not be in a stylistic revolution. We therefore notice a body with a three-box appearance but which will be a hatchback in fact and which stretches since the length of the future DS 7 should be around 4m80 for a fairly significant height since it should be 1m55, finally notice the immense wheelbase of this future DS 8 which should exceed 2m80 to offer a very generous space on board, placing this future large sedan in its segment.

Finally, we can also see that the door handle is similar to what DS offers on the DS 3 and DS 4, while the rear door handle is hidden in the extension of the window on the quarter panel.

This new series of photos tells us more about the style of this future DS 8, a style that seems to take up the principles of the DS 4, with a revised front and rear clearly inspired by the DS E-Tense Performance concept. In any case, the future DS 8 will be a large, raised saloon that will be very liveable, comfortable and full of style and technology. There is no doubt that as its presentation approaches, the DS 8 will once again be seen with perhaps even less camouflage, it will then remain to discover the interior which, I assure you, will be very, very interesting, new, different, which will place this future DS 8 at the right level against its rivals.


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