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Future Citroën Spacetourer: Like this?

An illustration of the future restyled Citroën Jumpy-Spacetourer with blue bodywork
Illustration Laurent Reynes - Passionnément Citroën

A few days ago, new photos of the Citroën Jumpy-Spacetourer were published, showing a completely camouflaged front that revealed the modifications made to the headlights in particular. We have removed the camouflage from these photos to see what the facelifted Spacetourer could look like.

The least we can say is that the Spacetourer and its utility version, the Jumpy, appear well modernised with this restyling which completely renews the front end with new headlamps and a new grille. The headlamps have also undergone major changes, with a completely new design but also a revised interior, where we can see the first elements of the Oli concept reinterpreted in a single headlamp. The headlamps are joined by a thin, closed black grille, in the centre of which the brand's new logo is placed in a more vertical position.

This new front end allows the Jumpy Spacetourer to benefit from a good cure for modernity, not without denying a family resemblance with the latest VW ID. Buzz, given the success of the latter, this bodes well for the redesigned Spacetourer, which if it does not have such a powerful 100% electric version, can count on the new plug-in hybrid version, which will allow it to drive in electric mode in town, while having a much wider range thanks to the thermal engine. It is possible that the autonomy in 100% electric mode will be greater thanks to a battery with a higher capacity, but the presentation in the first quarter of 2024 will allow us to find out more.

An illustration of the future restyled Citroën Jumpy-Spacetourer with red bodywork
Illustration Laurent Reynes - Passionnément Citroën

In these illustrations, based on photos of prototypes, we have chosen to modify the lower part of the badge, even though the latter cannot be modified, we have refined it to simplify the design and harmonise it with the new grille. Similarly, in order to visually increase the size of the wheels, we have chosen to offer black plastic wheel trims, which could not be present on the production version, but this interpretation allows for visually more wheels. large that erase a little the utilitarian aspect of the vehicle, especially for the Spacetourer, which Citroën qualifies as a minivan.

A brand new front, slightly inspired by the Oli, a plug-in hybrid engine and, no doubt, a modernised interior with digital counters and a larger touch-screen, will undoubtedly allow the Citroën Jumpy and Spacetourer to pursue a successful career. since 2016.

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