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Future Citroën C3 Aircross coupé: tests continue

The future Citroën C3 Aircross coupé continues its development tests

A few weeks after the surprise unveiling in India, the third product in Citroën's C-Cubed range has been the subject of another test, this time in Brazil, where it will be manufactured and marketed. These new photos do not reveal any new details, but the latest information makes it possible to clarify and specify the contours of this new model.

After a C3, which launched this new range resulting from the C-Cubed programme and which aims to take Citroën to new markets or strengthen it in some, particularly in Latin America, the brand is preparing to launch the C3 Aircross, which should represent the bulk of sales and for which Citroën is quite confident. With these two models presented and marketed, it is now time for the brand to prepare the third and final derivative of this C-Cubed programme, which will be a new stone in the building that the brand is building.

Many rumours have run since the announcement of this C-Cubed programme on this third model, some announcing a saloon with a boot of 4m50 or even less than 4 m, others announcing a 5-seater coupe SUV in addition to a C3 Aircross more volume. We can confirm that it is indeed this third option that has been favoured by the brand, since this third derivative would indeed be a hatchback coupe SUV, wanted to be more dynamic than the C3 Aircross.

The new C3 Aircross should therefore receive the reinforcement of a more coupé and strictly 5-seater version, which would adopt a number of elements from its big brother, starting from the front face up to and including the front doors, the differences relating to the whole from the rear part.

This new Citroën C3 Aircross coupé, or C3 X, will therefore be manufactured and marketed in India and Brazil, where it will complement the brand's range in the B segment, offering a liveable, comfortable and accessible compact saloon. Probably too close to a C4 offering more or less the same characteristics, it is not certain that this C3 Aircross coupe will be marketed in Europe. Answer in the coming months, this third product should be presented during the first half of 2024, but we will offer you an illustration very soon.

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