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First presentation of the new Citroën C3 in Ireland

The new Citroën C3 in a red shade

Shortly after being unveiled with great fanfare in Meudon last month, the new Citroën C3 has embarked on a European tour to be presented to the local media and to meet the public for the first time. This European tour began in Ireland, where the new generation C3 caused a sensation.

Just one week after its unveiling, the new C3 went to Ireland, accompanied by Citroën CEO Thierry Koskas, who presented it to the local media, which showed great interest in this first European electric car. affordable. Indeed, with a retail price set at €23,300 in eight European countries, the new ë-C3 is proof that it is possible to make an electric car with a range of 320 km affordable without sacrificing style, comfort or equipment. To achieve this, says Thierry Koskas, "there is no secret, no magic. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, it is a new platform designed from the outset for electric power. Secondly, we are introducing a new battery technology, a lithium iron phosphate battery, and we are the first in the Stellantis group to do so. And then we've optimised all the technical elements of the car, we've revised everything that's in the car".

To justify all the intelligence that Citroën has put into the design of this new C3, Thierry Koskas praises the new head-up display that comes as standard on the C3. The head-up display uses a simple projector and a mirror, which is easier and cheaper to produce than a screen, to project the image onto a thin panel mounted above the steering wheel but below the windscreen. digital TFT, while giving the impression of being high-tech.

The presentation of the new C3 was rather early, as it is not due to be launched until the second quarter of 2024, so Citroën decided to introduce it to the world by taking it around Europe. Europe to meet the media that will disseminate the information. This will allow it to take advantage of being the first European affordable electric car before the competition arrives.

Citroën is determined to make the most of the advantage offered by the new C3 and has decided to make it known to as many people as possible even before orders are taken. It must be said that, despite its attractive price, the C3 is pleasant to look at, comfortable thanks to its Advanced Comfort seats, with a particularly interesting interior, so it is not just a price but a car with enormous qualities that will allow it to meet its public on this European tour.

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