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February 2023 Report - France Car Market

The French car market continued to grow in February with an increase of 9.4% to 126,237 units sold. The share of electric vehicles increased to 16% of the market, while rechargeable hybrid vehicles reached 8%, or a share of low emission vehicles reaching 24% of the French market. However, this increase hides a 27% decrease in comparison with 2019.

In this context, sales by

  • Alfa Romeo at 278 units for a market share of 0.2%.

  • Citroën were down 23.7% to 9,136 units for a market share of 7.2%.

  • DS were up 18.4% to 2,035 units for a market share of 0.6%.

  • Fiat was down 12.9% to 2,454 units, giving a market share of 1.9%.

  • Jeep is down 19.4% to 390 units for a market share of 0.3%.

  • Maserati are 11 units

  • Opel rose 18.4% to 3,266 units, giving a market share of 2.6%.

  • Peugeot rose from 3.7% to 20,057 units, giving a market share of 15.9%.

Overall, Stellantis sales fell by 4% to 37,627 units for a market share of 29.8%. It is a very difficult new month for Citroën which accuses the strongest fall in the Stellantis group, the brand ranks in 4th position of sales behind Dacia which is increasingly hooking and which today weighs more than 9% of the market. Citroën sold 2,839 fewer units in February 2023 than at the same time in 2022, of which 840 units carried out by C1 and C4 Spacetourer must be removed in February 2022, without these models the fall is -17.95%, very significant fall in all.

Here are the monthly top 20:

The C3 suffered at the beginning of the year, while the C5 Aircross clearly recovered, the first half of 2022 having been special for it because of the shortage. Today, the figures are better and it is not far from the Renault Austral, which is benefiting from the novelty effect.

The other Citroën outside the top 20:

The C4 is drinking the broth in February, but is still affected by logistical problems. For information, some C4s have been produced since October 2022 and have not yet been delivered or invoiced, so they do not count in the registration figures. Note that the C5 X leaves the top 100, so it is not possible to know how many were sold in February.

DS sales:

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