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DS presents a concept for its interiors of the future

With M.I 21, Ds presents a manifesto of its future interiors

The advent of 100% electric vehicles will certainly radically transform automobiles and in particular their interiors from the future generation when only electric motors will be offered. In this sense, DS presents MI. 21 a manifesto that explores the paths for the future interiors of its models where technology and French art will mingle.

Usually, manifestos of this type are kept secret because they are real working bases for the development teams, but DS is becoming accustomed to fate since the brand had already, during the DS 4 press tests, unveiled the manifesto of the D 41 project, very different from the series car elsewhere.

It is the same interpretation that must be made with this M.I 21 which represents a working basis for the future interiors of DS models without, however, prefiguring them completely. However, this manifesto is a guide to allow us to understand what the interiors of the brand's future models will tend towards in a horizon of 5 years and it is for a real revolution that we must prepare.

DS intends to take advantage of the electric to completely reinvent the way of designing its interiors by bringing in as many technologies as possible without, however, putting art aside but, on the contrary, attempting a symbiosis between the two . For this, DS will play on four elements:

  • light

Light contributes to well-being in the passenger compartment. Whether direct or indirect to give lightness to the elements and bring a new dimension to the materials, it will become a major player in the sensory experience on board, adaptive, intelligent, connected to its environment. The circles present in the doors become rings of light sublimating the materials presented there.

  • volumes

As a break, the architecture offers more clearance. The space was freed up, by floating the dashboard and pushing it forward. The floor has been liberated, redesigned, without a central tunnel or central console, and the glazed surfaces have been increased in order to offer more space, freedom and serenity on board. The storage units are inspired by the world of furniture. A subtle game of balance between the materials, the sensations to the touch and the distribution of volumes is organized in order to provide a feeling of well-being.

  • sound

During a journey, sound allows the mind to escape. It contributes to the aesthetic presentation of the interior. It also conveys the acoustic quality of DS Automobiles interiors. Sound is part of the journey: it can amplify the experience or disappear to bring a form of plenitude. A fundamental reflection has been undertaken in order to put an end to the constant overbidding of high-fidelity system components and to gain in space and mass. The work illustrated on the manifesto is intended to be both more visually rewarding and more in harmony with a fluid and refined style. All the sound has been grouped together on a central element, becoming an emblematic object by its design, its positioning in the passenger compartment and the lighting that accompanies it.

  • immersion

The man-machine relationship is rethought. With DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE presented in 2020, a reflection around interiors with less intrusive and more magical interfaces had already been initiated. The information was projected onto cotton sateen. The disappearance of screens was intended to reduce mental overload and information redundancy. The race for size or number of screens is a strong trend among all manufacturers. But, turned off, these screens have no real aesthetic value. The idea is to find the technology that gives the expected information without sacrificing quality and sensory appeal. With the manifesto M.i. 21, an innovative solution is tested through a projection on a blade that can become opaque to display information or become transparent to discover materials. The only concession to the screens: those present in the doors and dedicated to rear vision by camera. The system is controlled by voice or by a remote control system located in the central armrest.

  • the artistic dimension

A goal pursued by the M.i. 21 is to go further in the tailor-made proposal, enhanced by a real artistic piece. Everyone appropriates it, according to their taste. Artistic expression allows you to rise. The absence of a loudspeaker frees up space in the doors. This space is reinvested to rethink certain storage and redefine a larger space dedicated to the expression of know-how. This area of artistic expression is unprecedented. The circles represent perfect geometry and a form of reassurance. They enhance and differentiate the passenger compartment, with a strong signature and graphics.

Thierry Metroz, DS Design Director, says “The M.i. 21 that we are exhibiting at Révélations is important for the history of DS Automobiles. It underlines an approach of openness on our part. We share our creative process and our vision with a wide audience of connoisseurs, both in the automotive world and in the world of fine crafts. We are experiencing a historic change in automotive interiors. New architectures related to electric platforms, autonomous driving modes, the arrival of artificial intelligence and, more importantly, the desire of our customers to live a different experience are at the heart of our reflections. The M.i manifesto 21 illustrates these profound changes and it is an opportunity for us to share a unique vision of the art of French travel. »

With this manifesto, DS is preparing people's minds for the revolution that automotive interiors and automobiles will experience, a revolution linked to both electric motors and autonomous vehicles. The brand is careful not to say what will happen to this manifesto in future models, but some elements could quickly find a serial outlet to mark a first step in this expected revolution.

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