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DS is preparing a new large sedan

The DS E-Tense performance concept will inspire the front of future DS are the D85 project

Alongside the future DS 7, DS is working on the development of another vehicle on the same basis and the same program and which will come to be placed slightly above the second generation of DS 7. This D 85 program will be a vehicle unprecedented in the range of the French luxury brand which will inaugurate the brand's shift towards 100% electric.

It is in 2024 that this D 85 project will be completed to put into practice the turn towards the total electrification of DS automobiles. This D 85 project, which should be placed above the next DS 7, will indeed inaugurate, for DS, the STLA Medium platform as well as the electric motors and batteries that it will share with the second generation of the DS SUV.

This D85 project should take on the profile of a 4-door coupé sedan whose style would be inspired by the ASL concept, the true cornerstone of the future design of DS which will be unveiled by this D 85 project followed, a few months later, by by the new DS 7. It is in the same factory as him that this D85 project, which could be called DS 8, will be manufactured either on the lines of the Melfi factory in Italy with its technical cousins Opel and Lancia.

The style will therefore be made up of taut, very graphic lines from which the chrome will have completely disappeared. at the base of the bumper, like the E-Tense performance concept even if, like the future DS 7, the real instigator of the style of this future DS 8 is indeed the ASL concept of 2020. Like him, it should be show very efficient aerodynamically to offer a substantial autonomy (over 700 km), like him, it should be offered in a two-tone version but not sure that DS will go so far as to affix a two-tone hood like the concept.

The D 85 project will be THE next great novelty from DS and should make its appearance towards the end of 2024 and it is with it that DS will affirm its ambition of a 100% electric premium brand. It is therefore an important project for the brand, for the continuation of its development and which will inspire the entire DS range thereafter, a standard bearer which, if it is called DS 8, will be the new top of the range of the brand.

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18 de ago. de 2023

Je n’ai toujours pas cédé à la mode des SUV et j’aime les grandes voitures pour les long trajets (même si mon véhicule quotidien est petit et électrique). Cette DS8 serait parfaite pour moi maintenant que les réseaux de charge se multiplient. Malheureusement ce ne sera pas une option à court terme (j’habite aux US…). je pense malgré tout qu’il y a un gros marché pour n’importe quel véhicule qui soit réussi et répond à un besoin - c.f. la Model 3 de Tesla…


do really people desire for such a vehicle ?

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