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Citroën: record sales in Turkey in 2023

La Citroën C4 X, meilleure vente de Citroën en Turquie en 2023

As I told you several times last year, Citroën achieved record sales in Turkey in 2023 with the success of the C4 X, which became the best-selling Citroën on the Turkish market in its first year on the market.

Citroën's success in Turkey continued throughout the year, enabling it to end 2023 with a historic sales record. In fact, Citroën sold more than 63,000 vehicles on the Turkish market in 2023, including 45,395 passenger cars and 17,758 commercial vehicles, an increase in sales of 119% compared to 2022 and the highest volume for the brand in Turkey. Citroën will end 2023 in 7th place in terms of overall sales in Turkey with a market share of 6.7%, in 8th place for passenger cars alone and in 5th place for commercial vehicles.

Specifically, the brand's first sale is the new C4X, which is at the top of its segment. Other models sold were as follows

  • C5 Aircross: 8,434 units, the brand's second best-seller

  • C3: 7,844 units, fifth in its segment

  • C4: 5,804 units, third in its segment

  • Berlingo Van: 8,983 units, second in its segment with 18% market share

This is a major success for Citroën on the Turkish market, which makes Turkey the third most important market for the brand and confirms its role as a strategic market for the brand's development and internationalisation. The very good performance of the C4X in Turkey has enabled it to become the brand's bestseller, attracting Turkish consumers with its qualities and its good price/quality ratio. 2023 will therefore end with a sales record that 2024 should beat, now that the C4X has reached its cruising speed, and the imminent arrival of the new C3 should also allow the brand to experience a new upturn in its sales.

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