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Citroën wins prestigious award in Turkey

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On the eve of the launch of the new C4 X on the Turkish market, a very important event for the brand, Citroën could not have started the new year in a better way by winning a prestigious award that rewards the many efforts made by the teams to develop the brand's sales on the Turkish market.

In fact, Citroën was voted "Most Reputable Passenger Car Brand of the Year" at the ONE Awards Integrated Marketing Awards organised by Marketing Turkey and the market research company Akademetre. . Selen Alkım, General Manager of Citroën Turkey, said: "After Citroën was chosen as the most prestigious commercial vehicle brand in Turkey last year, we are extremely honoured to be chosen as the most prestigious passenger car brand of the year this year. We are justifiably happy to have been named the most prestigious car brand of the year for the second year in a row. This award, which was given to us by the public, demonstrates once again the enthusiasm of the Citroën brand. "

Organised on the basis of the Reputation and Brand Value Performance Measurement study, the event was held this year in more than seventy categories. The ONE Awards Integrated Marketing Awards recognise the brands and business partners that have improved their reputation the most over the course of the year, based on face-to-face interviews with a total of 1,200 people in twelve provinces. . Citroën was named "Most Reputable Passenger Car Brand of the Year" at the ONE Awards Integrated Marketing Awards.

Following the award, Selen Alkım said: "We have left behind a year in which we continued to progress as a Citroën brand, but which was also very difficult. Because 2022 was a very difficult time when we, like the whole industry, had to deal with the chip and logistics crisis. The success of car brands is usually measured in terms of total sales at the end of the year and the market share they have achieved. Of course, the bond of love and unconditional customer satisfaction that you have built with your customer must be in the foreground. Fortunately, we have been honoured with this award, which was voted for by the public. In a competitive environment where there are more than forty valuable brands in the industry, it is a source of joy and pride for us to be recognised as the most reputable car brand with consumer ratings. In this regard, we would like to express our gratitude to the Marketing Turkey team, the Akademetre research company, the agencies that supported us and all those who found us worthy of this award. We will continue to raise the bar for the success we have achieved in the passenger car segment. We want to increase appreciation and passion for the Citroën brand with our new models that make a difference, such as the new C4 X that we have just launched, the Ami that dominated the micro-mobility segment last year and our breakthrough in electric vehicles".

After selling 29,000 cars on the Turkish market in 2022, Citroën expects to do much better in 2023, when the brand aims to sell 49,000 cars in Turkey, including 10,000 C4 X, which has already received more than 1,000 pre-orders before its launch. For Citroën, Turkey has all the potential to become one of the brand's top five markets, and it aims to sell 80,000 cars there by 2025.

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