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Citroën will launch two electric cars in Brazil in 2023

Citroën is committed to electrifying its ranges in order to sell only electric vehicles in Europe by 2030. But the brand is also committed to electrification outside Europe and intends to offer electric vehicles very soon in other areas. other regions where it operates including Brazil where it is preparing to launch two models next year.

2023 is therefore a busy year for Citroën in Brazil since the brand will continue to develop its C-cubed project with the launch of the 7-seater C3 Aircross SUV while developing its range of electric vehicles with the marketing of two models. .

The first of these two models, quite logically, will be the future ë-C3 whose presentation is approaching in India and which should use the same motor and battery assembly in Brazil. According to the latest rumours, this future ëC3 would have a 30 kWh battery allowing it to have a range of between 200 and 300 km, in order to have the most affordable price possible.

The other novelty that Citroën intends to sell in Brazil in 2023 is AMI, the marketing of which is desired but which comes up against a legal vacuum. Indeed, Brazilian legislation does not include light quadricycle models with reduced legislation, as is the case in Europe in particular. As a result, if AMI is not considered as a "separate" vehicle, it will be classified as a classic car that must, in fact, receive safety equipment (ABS, ESP, Airbags) which will increase the price and make invalidate its commercialization. While waiting to find a legal solution, Citroën continues to exhibit AMI in various trade fairs in order to test the desire of the public, which could facilitate the legal solution.

As we can see, Citroën is engaged in a vast product plan at the global level, which does not overlook the electrification that the brand intends to undertake both in Latin America and in India from 2023.

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