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Citroën up 26% in Spain in September

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With 5,470 units sold in September, Citroën achieved an excellent performance by recording an increase of 26% while the market, VP+Vu, increased by 10%. This shows the dynamism of Citroën on the Spanish market which allows it to reach a market share of 7.1%.

Citroën's very good performance is to the credit of the C4 and Berlingo, which both ranked at the top of their respective segments in September. Thus, the Citroën C4 recorded 1,142 registrations, making it the best-selling C-segment saloon with a 13.1% market share in its category. In addition, it also leads the retail channel, where it achieves a 15.5% market share. Over the year as a whole, the C4 sold 10,238 units for a market share of 13.1%. Note that in France, the C4 has sold 14,000 units while the French market is twice the Spanish market, this seems to confirm that there is a specific problem between the C4 and France.

The Citroën C3 also performed well in September, selling 1,495 units, making it the second best-selling city car in Spain, with a segment share of 13.5% and growth of 40.4% compared to the same month last year.

The Citroën C5 X also deserves a separate mention, with a second place in its category and the leadership of its plug-in hybrid version among sedans and station wagons in the D segment, where it represents 62.8% of total sales in September and 41, 4% in the aggregate.

For its part, the Citroën Ami has accumulated 1,300 orders since its launch.

Nuno Marques, Citroën Director for Spain and Portugal, said "Citroën capitalized on the market rebound in September thanks to the strengths of its brand strategy, embodied by flagship models in their respective categories such as Citroën C4 and Citroën Berlingo. . Both vehicles share their vocation for durability and the unmistakable character of "Made in Spain", in addition to keeping in mind the needs of all kinds of people. A good start for the home stretch of the year”

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