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Citroën unveils ë-series special edition prices in the UK

The Citroën ë-series range in the UK consisting of the C4, C4 X and C5 Aircross

A few days ago, Citroën unveiled a new high-end range in the UK, called the ë-series, reserved for its electric or hybrid models, with the exception of the C5 X. Today, Citroën is announcing the prices of this new range, which will be integrated into the range in the same way as the C-series versions.

Citroën is therefore a master of special series that integrate the range for a long time until they become almost an end in themselves, since the C-series versions presented at the beginning of 2022 are still available in the catalogue over the entire range, or almost.

This new range, specially developed for the brand's electrified vehicles (with the exception of the C5 X, which will be the subject of a specific announcement in the coming months), will therefore take the place of the ëC4, ëC4 X and C5 Aircross hybrid ranges, becoming the new top-of-the-range finish for these models. These ë-series versions feature white bodywork with a two-tone black Perla Nera roof on the entire range, including the C4 X for the first time. Inside, the models feature Alcantara upholstery for the seats, with the C5 Aircross featuring a light grey Alcantara R-Evolution fabric with 68% recycled fibres for the outer surface, which covers the seat, backrest and armrests.

On the ë-C4 and ë-C4 X, the ë version will be the only one to feature Stellantis' new 156 bhp electric motor which, combined with a battery with revised chemistry and increased capacity to 54 kWH, will give a range of up to 420 kilometres. Finally, on the C5 Aircross, the ë-series finish will be present on the 180 hybrid rechargeable versions as well as on the new 136 hybrid engine (known as MHEV) based on the renovated 1.2 Puretech engine.

Prices are as follows:

  • ëC4 ë-series 136 hp: £36,295 or €42,150

  • C4 ë-series 156 hp: £37,195 or €43,200

  • C5 Aircross ë-series MHEV 136 hp: £33,530 or €38,950

  • C5 Aircross ë-series PHEV 180: £38,375 or €44,580

The price difference between the Puretech 130 EAT8 and MHEV 136 versions of the C5 Aircross is therefore £2,505 or €2,900, with the new 136 Hybrid engine costing £32,295 (€37,500) in Shine finish, compared to £29,790 (€34,600) in Shine finish, also for the Puretech 130 engine with EAT8 automatic gearbox. A much smaller price difference for the C5 Aircross MHEV 136 than in Germany for the UK at less than €3,000 with a clear advantage in terms of consumption (up to 1 litre less).

In conclusion, this new top range for electric engines represents a relatively small surplus compared to Shine finishes, £1,235 on the C5 Aircross for example, or €1,430 for a specific finish both outside and inside. interior and a level of equipment at the highest. Nevertheless, the announcement of a top-of-the-range range at the same time as the announcement of a future C3 under €25,000 excluding bonuses may seem paradoxical, but it confirms, if necessary, that Citroën remains a generalist brand at the heart of the market.

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