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Citroën offers a high-end series on its electrified models in the UK

Citroën presents a new high-end ë-series finish on the C4, C4 X and C5 Aircross

Citroën is used to collections that cover several models in the range and, after the special C-series, the brand is offering a new series that applies, this time, only to electrified models of the C segment and available, for currently only in the UK.

This new ë-series range therefore applies to the C4, C4 X and C5 Aircross and offers more style and technology, as well as the use of additional recycled materials. Much like the previous "C-Series Edition" which improved the value-for-money offering of Citroën's passenger car range, the new ë-Series editions add new styling cues and more technology to the ë-C4 , ë-C4 X and C5 Aircross.

A more rewarding exterior style

All three models share common design cues, such as a two-tone Perla Nera Black roof and black alloy wheels, as well as exclusive ë-series exterior badging. If the black two-tone roof was already present on the C5 Aircross and on the C4 since the beginning of the year, this special ë-series brings it to the C4 X which is therefore equipped with a black roof in perfect continuity of the dark-tinted rear window, which further accentuates its coupe effect.

Located at the top of the range, this new ë-series finish concerns the C4 and C4 X in their electric versions (136 or 156 horsepower) as well as the C5 Aircross in its plug-in hybrid version 225 but also with the brand new engine puretech hybrid 136.

The three models share the same aesthetic codes, namely a black pack which applies to the roof but also black rims which, on C4, are exclusive to this finish. Called Aeroblade, these rims the same models offered in two-tone on the other trim levels but here entirely painted in black and measure 18 inches. On C5 Aircross, the rims are 19 inches and are simply called Art. Citroën indicates that the three models also have dark-tinted rear windows and bezels which accentuate the contrast effect with the Pearl White bodywork, which is the signature look of this new ë-series finish, but other colors are available.

Finally, each model is equipped with the Dark Chrome pack on the fog lamps and air bumps, this pack, already present on C5 Aircross, is arriving on C4 and C4 X and allows vehicles to reinforce their style by offering a more neat, more rewarding and more upmarket.

Recycled Alcantara interior

We've been waiting and regretting it for a long time, but this time the light shades are coming inside this special ë-series. Designed to offer the best possible comfort and well-being, this ë-series version is therefore equipped with an exclusive luminous interior atmosphere with a choice of light and warm materials which aims to create a brighter interior harmony, offering a soothing atmosphere, while reinforcing the feeling of space inside the passenger compartment.

Unfortunately not currently available in photos, this light color is applied with a tone-on-tone contrast for an even more striking interior atmosphere. The light gray seats, backrests and armrests are enhanced by the medium gray applied to the seat surround, the contours, the top of the backrest and the headrests, as well as the central and door armrests. The horizontal design of the seat upholstery, which extends into the door panels, helps to reinforce the perception of width on board and gives great coherence to the passenger compartment.

All ë-C4 and ë-C4 X ë-Series trims feature the mid gray Alcantara vibe that was well received on the 'Shine Plus' versions of these models while the C5 Aircross also features a dark shade already existing for the interior.

This new color for the interior is the result of materials that Citroën has ensured that they are more responsible while being more rewarding. The ë-series versions thus have quality materials such as Alcantara® for the seat, backrest and armrests which, on the C5 Aircross, is manufactured using an innovative process with 68% of its outer surface made up of fibers. recycled.

Only available initially in the United Kingdom, this new ë-series finish should soon be available in all European countries. Wanted to be more upscale, it highlights Citroën's electrified models, excluding C5 X, by bringing its share of new features such as the light color for the interior or the two-tone roof now applied to C4 X. This new finish ë-series should put an end to the low-cost rumors of Citroën since it proves, of course, that the brand will offer more accessible vehicles, in particular with C3 and C3 Aircross, but that it does not forget, however, the high-end finishes. A kind of big gap that some will see as a lack of consistency but which is in line with a generalist brand supposed to provide a solution to all its customers.

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