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Citroën third in Uruguayan sales in January

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With the Citroën4ALL plan, Citroën aims to develop its sales in Latin America in order to become less dependent on Europe and thus stronger. This ambition is reflected in the three vehicles of the C-Cubed programme, which aims to offer vehicles adapted to local consumers, manufactured and designed locally to make them as accessible as possible.

This is the case of the new C3, which has been on sale in Brazil since September and is now entering various countries in the region, including Uruguay, where it is available with the 82 bhp Puretech engine coupled to a 5-speed manual gearbox, as well as with a 115 bhp 1.6 VTi engine coupled to an automatic gearbox. Priced from $16,290 or €15,400, the new C3 allows Citroën to enrich its range and offer a vehicle that is much more accessible than the rest of the range, which previously started at $19,990 for a C-Elysée or even $23,990 for a C4 Cactus.

The arrival of the C3 enabled Citroën to record very significant growth in Uruguay in January and, above all, to take third place in overall sales. While the Uruguayan market grew by 16.4% in January to almost 3,800 units sold, Citroën recorded growth of 571.4% to take third place in sales with 282 units sold and a market share of 8.38%. This is an unknown position for Citroën, which was in 10th place on this market in January 2022.

The arrival of the new C3 has enabled the brand to resume its upward trend and become the number one brand in the Uruguayan Stellantis. The brand is therefore taking full advantage of being able to offer cars that are more accessible and better adapted to local markets in Latin America to strengthen its positions. Of course, volumes are still low, Uruguay is a very small market, but by building a strong presence in different markets, the brand will ultimately be able to achieve the ambitious goal set by the Citroën4ALL plan.

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