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Citroën supplies the first AMI linked to the Habitat investment programme in Portugal

The Citroën AMI delivered as part of the Habitat Invest programme in Portugal, promoting soft mobility

In May 2022, Citroën innovated in Portugal by entering into a partnership with Habitat Invest to promote electric mobility through the purchase of homes. Each new buyer became the owner of a Citroën AMI, enabling them to drive an electric car in urban centres. Almost a year after this partnership was announced, the keys to the first AMI in Portugal were handed over a few days ago.

Citroën and Habitat Invest have just handed over the keys to the first Citroën AMI to the buyer of one of the apartments in the AURYA residence under construction in Santo António dos Cavaleiros, in the Loures region of Lisbon. Diogo Salomão, a player for CF Estrela da Amadora, the Portuguese La LigaPro team, received the first AMI with integrated home equipment, as part of Habitat Invest's commitment to sustainability.

Citroën and Habitat Invest have entered into an unprecedented partnership that will see the keys and title to an AMI vehicle handed over in May 2022 to customers who sign a promissory contract for the purchase of an integrated home in the AURYA development, which is planned in three phases, one of which is already under construction, another scheduled to start this year and a third in 2024.

Once completed, the AURYA programme will comprise more than 400 homes, including the same number of Citroën AMIs that will be handed over to their new owners. To date, 28 other processes are underway and deliveries will take place rapidly.

The Citroën AMI delivered as part of the Habitat Invest programme in Portugal, promoting soft mobility

The Citroën AMI, a groundbreaking proposal that defines contemporary electric mobility, has been named "Product of the Year 2022" by two bodies: Exame Informática, the most prestigious national title in the field of innovation, science and technology, in the "Intelligent Mobility" category. Launched in Portugal in September 2021, the Citroën AMI has already sold 1,100 units, not only to individuals but also to professionals, such as the 407 AMIs offered by Habitat Invest to customers of the Aurya development, the 160 My Ami Cargo for CTT to deliver mail throughout the national territory, or Portway, an airport infrastructure handling company that has acquired 13 AMI and My AMI Cargo units to operate in four Portuguese airports.

In any case, AMI never ceases to innovate, and the integration of its sale into the signing of a real estate agreement is a great opportunity for Citroën to reach new customers who will thus be able to use AMI for their journeys. urban, in the hope that it will lead them to other models in the range for their needs not met by AMI. With more than 1,100 units already sold in Portugal, AMI is a success for both individuals and companies, demonstrating its potential to meet the needs of different categories.

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