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Citroën: Successful open days in September

The Citroën C4 in profile in a red color with black roof

Last weekend, open days were held in France, with Citroën hoping to take as many orders as possible. To achieve this, the brand had made a great effort with particularly competitive offers, which once again proved their worth by allowing the brand to place a good number of orders.

As in June last year, Citroën had therefore put its faith in the C3, the C3 Aircross and the C4 to attract people to these dealerships in the hope of obtaining a large number of orders. With cars available from €99/month for the C3 or even €199/month for the electric C4, it must be said that the brand had done a lot to attract as many people as possible, especially as these exceptional offers were accompanied by discounts on cars in stock, which made it possible to reduce the price of the car even further.

In June, these accessible rental offers allowed Citroën to take a large volume of orders, which it wanted to repeat for these open days in September. The brand's ambitions were high and the figures show that they have been achieved, as Citroën took more orders in September 2023 than at the same time in 2022, a sign of the popularity of these offers.

More than 3,000 orders were taken during the entire Open Days weekend in France in September, a large proportion of which were for the C3, even if its share fell in favour of the C3 Aircross and the C4, which, with the offer of the electric version from €199/month, has managed to attract a good volume of orders, particularly for the electric motor, which reached almost a third of C4 orders, a truly great performance.

The Open Days weekend has come to an end, but Citroën is still counting on its effects to take as many orders as possible during the last days of September, as the commercial offers will continue until the end of the month, which should allow the network to continue to collect as many orders as possible. Nevertheless, the effects of the changes made by the new Citroën team in France are real and have a real impact on the level of orders, which will be reflected in the registration figures in the coming weeks, with the hope that Citroën will finally show positive results.

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