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Citroën starts exporting the C3 from India

The electric Citroën C3 for India in grey colour

Citroën is taking a historic step by exporting its India-made E-C3 to international markets. This first export by an Indian multinational marks a turning point for the double chevron brand and underlines India's growing expertise in sustainable mobility.

A 'Made in India' success celebrated by all

"India is not only a strategic market for Stellantis, but also a major sourcing hub for vehicles, components and mobility technologies," said Aditya Jairaj, CEO and Managing Director, Stellantis India. "Exporting the versatile Citroën E-C3 made in India to international customers is a proud validation of our engineering and development capabilities."

This pride is shared by the French authorities as expressed by Lise Talbot Barré, Consul General of France in Pondicherry and Chennai: "This Citroën C3 manufactured in India symbolises the strength of Franco-Indian cooperation and our shared commitment to clean mobility on a global scale. The success of the Citroën C3 in India, with several thousand units already sold by 2023, demonstrates the potential of this partnership".

India, a springboard for international expansion

This new step confirms Citroën's international ambitions and makes India a strategic export platform. Indonesia, where the first 500 Citroën C3s were delivered, is a first target of conquest. Other markets in the region, such as Bhutan and Nepal, are also in the brand's sights.

This expansion strategy aims to reduce Citroën's dependence on the European market and ensure a sustainable future for the brand. The ë-C3, an accessible electric vehicle adapted to the needs of emerging markets, plays a key role in this strategy, as does the entire C-Cubed programme.

The export of the Citroën E-C3 marks a historic turning point for the Indian automotive industry. It demonstrates the country's growing expertise in automotive manufacturing and its potential as an export hub for electric vehicles. For Citroën, this premiere marks a new chapter full of promise and a significant contribution to sustainable mobility around the world.

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