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Citroën sharply reduces prices in the Czech Republic

A Citroën poster in the Czech Republic around the C3

Since the beginning of the school year last September, Citroën has announced its intention to reduce the number of versions and options in its range in order to simplify consumer choice and reduce costs. After Germany and Switzerland, where Citroën prices have fallen sharply, it is now the Czech Republic's turn to announce a significant price reduction.

As a popular brand, Citroën has the ambition to offer cars that are accessible to all, and the brand proves it with the new C3, whose base price in France is €23,300 for a versatile electric sedan with 320 km of autonomy, a unique proposition on the market. Thanks to this, the new C3 seems to be a success with a very high number of orders, which is still growing strongly, even though the car is not visible in dealerships.

The price reduction made by the brand in Germany and Switzerland seems to have had an impact on sales, especially in Germany, where sales have soared since October, when prices were reduced.

In the Czech Republic, Citroën is now offering significant and permanent price reductions, making the brand's models much more accessible, in the knowledge that the brand is also offering special discounts for those who scrap an old car.

František Neuman, Director of Citroën Imports in the Czech Republic, said: "We believe it is important to offer our customers stability and security in times of economic uncertainty. We have decided to permanently reduce the prices of our cars to make them even more affordable for the general public, and it remains true that customers can continue to expect first-class service and uncompromising attention to their automotive needs".

As a result, the C3 now starts at 319,900 Czech Crowns (€12,900) and can benefit from an additional discount of €600 when scrapping a car.

The C3 Aircross benefits from a permanent price reduction of up to 120,000 Czech crowns (€4,800) and now starts at 454,900 crowns (€18,300) and can benefit from an additional bonus of 15,000 crowns (€600).

The C4 starts at 429,900 kroner or €17,300, while the C4 is astonishing.

The other model benefiting from a strong discount is the C5 Aircross, whose reduction reaches up to 90,000 Czech crowns or 3,600 euros, which now makes it start at 565,000 crowns or 22,750 euros.

Finally, the brand offers a 5-year warranty on all its models, which can be extended to 8 years and 200,000 km.

In conclusion, after Germany and Switzerland, the Czech Republic is now benefiting from a significant drop in prices, which for the C3 Aircross can reach €4,800, a considerable sum. Let's hope that the result will be an increase in sales for the brand, as is the case in Germany, where prices have also fallen significantly.

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