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Citroën raises its goals in Turkey for 2024

The Citroën C4X rear three-quarter view in a red tint.

Citroën closed 2023 with a sales record in Turkey, where more than 65,000 units were sold, making this market the third for the brand. With a doubling of sales in 2023, Citroën naturally expects a good year in 2024 with high targets.

The good results achieved in 2023 are due in particular to the electric versions of the C4 and C4 X, which account for 15% of sales of these models in 2023, with more than 2,000 units sold. For Selen Alkim, General Manager of Citroën Turkey, "15% of our C4 and 10% of the C4X are electric versions. These good results we have achieved in a short time have made us the third market in the world for Citroën".

Citroën is therefore making great strides in the field of electric vehicles and is counting on the energy transition to make progress and gain market share in Turkey, particularly thanks to the new C3. Indeed, in the coming months, the brand will launch the new C3 in both its thermal and electric versions, where it will have, as we do, a key advantage with a very affordable selling price. In this respect, Selen Alkim expects the new electric C3 to account for 50% of total C3 sales on the Turkish market, which will allow the brand to increase the share of electric cars to 25% of its total sales, a significant share in a market that does not impose the energy transition.

However, Citroën is banking on its new technologies to further establish itself on the Turkish market and has recently launched the 136 bhp hybrid version of the C5 Aircross, which should allow the brand to increase its sales here too. The same engine should arrive, as in Europe, on the C4 and C4X, also allowing progress in sales, even if repeating the performance known in 2023 seems unlikely, it is difficult to double its sales two years in a row. However, Citroën has a busy programme for 2024, particularly with the new C3 and the addition of new hybrid engines, which will allow the brand to make progress in the electric car segment and thus increase its overall sales.

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