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Citroën proposes to combine car and train with an innovative offer

Citroën is committed to the energy revolution and aims to make electric mobility accessible to all. However, travelling long distances in an electric car can still be inconvenient, so the brand has come up with an innovative offer that combines car and train.

This new offer is part of the brand's range of services under the name Citroën Citizen Services. This exclusive offer is aimed at all customers who purchase a private electric vehicle from the Citroën range and will allow them to take advantage of reduced train fares for a period of 4 years, thus offering an ecological and economical alternative to the car.

Offered temporarily between 15 May and 30 June 2023, this offer applies to ë-C4, ë-C4 X and ë-Berlingo models purchased during this period and entitles the holder, and those travelling with him or her, to a subscription card worth €49 each year for 4 years with a 30% discount.

This combination of means of transport offered by Citroën responds to the expectations and new habits of consumers, who are increasingly looking to diversify their means of transport for greater flexibility, efficiency and savings, while reducing their carbon footprint. . By offering this train travel option in addition to its electric cars, Citroën is demonstrating its ability to adapt to the needs of its customers while contributing to the transition to more sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility. This innovative offer demonstrates Citroën's commitment to providing complete mobility solutions, offering a choice of transport adapted to everyone's needs.

Sébastien Caron, Director of Citroën France, explains: "At Citroën, we are committed to offering our customers mobility solutions that adapt to their needs and respect the environment. We are convinced that the offer to travel by train at a reduced price for 4 years is a relevant and ecological response for our customers. This offer is part of our commitment to sustainable, responsible and civic mobility".

To accompany the launch of this offer of reduced train travel for electric vehicle buyers, Citroën is broadcasting three short videos on social networks in a very "Citroën" spirit, which I invite you to discover below. Each video highlights the importance of combined mobility for different types of travel in a different tone, perhaps marking an evolution in brand communication towards a more impactful and interesting style.


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