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Citroën promotes its range in India

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After increasing its prices at the beginning of the year, Citroën is backtracking with the introduction of discounts on the C3 and C5 Aircross on the Indian market, discounts that can reach almost 2,300 €.

While the C3 will be equipped with a new 100% electric engine, whose prices will be revealed slowly, initially in February, Citroën is launching a promotion for its small sedan, which will be launched in July 2022. The new C3 is therefore offered with a reduction of up to 50,000 rupees or about 570 euros, a significant reduction given that the C3, in its highest version, is billed at 8,600 euros, so this corresponds to a reduction of 6.63%, which is not negligible.

Could this price increase be explained by the fall in sales of the C3, which, after passing the 1,300 units per month threshold, has been falling below it since December? However, such a drop for a relatively new car still on the market is not necessarily a good sign, as the C3, although sold at very affordable prices, remains more expensive than its direct competitors, even though it lacks the equipment that its competitors have.

For its part, the C5 Aircross, the restyled version of which was launched in India at the beginning of the year, is being offered with a discount of up to 200,000 rupees or 2,300 euros, but this reduction concerns vehicles produced in 2022 and therefore probably the pre-restyled versions, which have therefore not yet found buyers.

Does this introduction of discounts on the two Citroën models in India reflect the difficulties the brand is facing on the Indian market? Could the still very small network in such a large market or the relative lack of equipment for the new C3 explain this introduction of discounts to boost sales of the brand's latest addition? We will soon have the answers in the sales figures for February, but above all for March.

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