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Citroën opens a new dealership in India

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After launching the new C3, Citroën is developing its network with a size already doubled compared to 2021, going from 10 to 21 dealerships, a network which should further expand to reach thirty units by the end of the year. One of these dealerships has just opened its doors in Guwahati in the Assam region and was inaugurated by Saurabh Vatsa, Director of Citroën India, in person.

It is in the North-East of India that Citroën opened its new dealership which strengthens the presence of the Brand in this region which until now has been a little less served than the others. This new Maison Citroën is in line with the brand's so-called phygital network, namely a perfect mix of physical dealerships and the power of the internet, which allows consumers to start a purchase and finish it in a dealership and vice versa. poured.

Saurabh Vatsa, Director of Citroën India said: “We look forward to welcoming customers in the Assam and North East market and introducing them to our exciting products, the New C3 and New C5 Aircross SUV. La Maison Citroën's phygital commerce concept allows customers to discover and taste the Citroën brand, products and services with ease. This not only includes cars, but also merchandise as well as vehicle customization. Citroën will continue to grow its La Maison phygital network by the end of the year from 21 to 30 cities."

For his part, Rishabh Himatsingka, Director of La Maison Citroën Guwahati, declared: "Citroën is synonymous with comfort and digital innovation, and thanks to this phygital showroom of La Maison Citroën, we are convinced that we will be able to revolutionize the way a Indian car consumer looks at their car buying journey."

With this new dealership, Citroën will therefore be able to develop its network and its presence in India, which should support the sales of the Brand, which will present, in 2023, the future ëC3 and the C3 Aircross which will need visibility to install in the Indian automotive landscape. By the end of the year, Citroën is aiming for around thirty points of sale in India, a figure which should quickly increase to 40-50 in the coming months.

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