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Citroën offers the wallbox for every electric car purchase

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Electric cars are gradually gaining ground and now account for more than 15% of the market, a trend that is set to continue in the coming years. However, in addition to their higher price, despite the bonus, buying an electric car poses other problems, such as recharging, as not everyone has a recharging station close to their home.

Fortunately, Citroën is here and has thought of everything to make the electric car as accessible as possible. It starts with more affordable prices with, for example, a Citroën ë-c4 billed at €41,500 in the Feel Pack finish (with dual-zone air conditioning, 18-inch alloy wheels or even a reversing camera) when the Renault Mégane e-tech is offered. from €42,000 with manual air conditioning. Even if the Mégane e-tech has a 60 kWh battery, the C4 is efficient enough to be almost autonomous and remains incomparable in terms of comfort or even livability.

Apart from the price aspect alone, which we know is particularly important for electric cars, there is also the issue of charging points. Not everyone has access to charging points near their home and, after paying for a very expensive car, it can be difficult to invest in a wall socket at home. Fortunately, Citroën has come to the rescue by offering the eSolutions wallbox and its installation with the purchase of any electric vehicle in its range (from the C4 to the C4 X via the Berlingo and Spacetourer).

With this offer, Citroën is making life easier for its customers, who will be able to recharge their cars at home, with reduced charging times and ease of use. This offer, valid on the whole range, can be discovered at the Open Days organised this weekend (11 and 12 March), to which I invite you to go to your dealer or agent, this will be an opportunity for you to discover the new C4 X.

With more inclusive prices than most of its competitors and this free wallbox offer, Citroën is thus pursuing its objective of making the electric car accessible while remaining comfortable, liveable and modern.

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