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Citroën makes a hot offer on the electric C4 in France

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Citroën was one of the first to offer a 100% electric compact sedan on the European market. Thanks to its carefully designed aerodynamics, the C4 is very efficient and has a range of 360 kilometres. In the face of much stiffer competition, Citroën is drastically reducing the price of the electric C4, bringing it down to under €30,000.

Like all models since 2021, the Citroën C4 has seen its price increase regularly, sometimes sharply. Faced with increased competition, particularly with the threat of Chinese manufacturers, including the MG4 in the lead, Citroën is drastically reducing the price of the electric C4 in its entry-level Live finish.

Thus, previously sold from 39,700 €, the C4 passe is now sold from 34,990 €, i.e. a substantial drop of almost 5,000 €, but above all this allows it to be sold below the 30,000 € mark. With the deduction of the ecological bonus, this is a real advantage compared to its competitors such as the Renault Mégane e-tech or the Volkswagen ID3, both much more expensive with a starting price respectively of 37 €000 for the Mégane and 39,000 € for the German compact.

But Citroën goes even further as the electric C4 is now available as a rental from €199 per month, an extremely competitive offer compared to its competitors, including the MG4 available from €249 per month, especially as Citroën completes this offer with a free wallbox.

The C4 only has 136 hp and a 50-kWh battery, but thanks to its efficiency it offers great autonomy and consumption that is sometimes better controlled than its rivals. Above all, however, the electric C4 has the original qualities of the C4 on its side, namely a very generous living space, much more generous than its rivals, and above all a royal comfort that helps to make journeys on board enjoyable.

Stung by the disappointing results in France, Citroën is not letting itself be defeated and is showing itself to be much more combative than in recent months, as demonstrated by this particularly interesting offer on the electric C4, which makes it much cheaper than its rivals and, above all, faithful to Citroën's promise of making the electric car accessible to all.

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