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Citroën launches the Go Go Berlingo campaign in Japan

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The Berlingo is the star of the Citroën range in Japan, where it accounts for half of sales, so it is normal that the brand devotes a lot of news to it. After the long 7-seater version and the special Trico range, the Berlingo has the honour of a travelling campaign in Japan to maximise its visibility and allow Japanese consumers to see and test it.

On 4 March, Citroën launched the Go Go Berlingo campaign, which will take the Citroën caravan to Japan's major cities and open-air sites at weekends. Each weekend will be an opportunity to discover the Berlingo, but also to drive it and test its qualities. At each stage of the event, there will be a campaign on social networks to multiply the event and encourage the Japanese to go on to the next stages. Those who buy a Berlingo as part of the event will receive a 100,000 yen (€700) subsidy, as well as Citroën lifestyle products.

The campaign will run from 4 to 31 March 2023 and will visit the cities of Osaka, Nagoya and Aichi, among others. At each stop, a questionnaire will be filled out on the spot to go home with a beach towel with the Citroën logo, while a competition will be organised on Instagram (#GoGoBerlingo) to see which 55 people will go home with miniatures of the brand. .

A very nice campaign for the Berlingo, allowing Japanese consumers to see the vehicle, those who do not necessarily have the time to go to the dealership. With this Go Go Berlingo campaign, Citroën is offering the opportunity to test its MPV on the spot, hoping to develop, if not sales, then at least visibility.

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