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Citroën increases the price of its AMI, the trendy electric quadricycle

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AMI is an undeniable success for Citroën, a success that will continue and spread as the brand expands its marketing. AMI owes its success to an intelligent and relevant offer, but also to its attractive price, which will be increased at the beginning of April.

In fact, the small Citroën AMI, which currently starts at €7,790, will once again see its base price rise to €7,990, an increase of €200. This price does not include the €900 environmental bonus for the purchase of the brand's electric four-wheel drive, which brings the entry-level price down to €7,090. AMI is therefore not immune to the inflation that is affecting the automotive industry and all the brands that are suffering from the rise in raw material prices. However, in almost three years on the market, the prices of the AMI have risen considerably and it is a long time since it was offered at 6,000 euros, bonus deducted. In just under three years, the small Citroën has seen its base price rise by 1,000 euros, an increase of 18.16%!

The price increase applies to the entire AMI range in France and is effective from 1 April. The range will therefore be offered at the following prices (bonus not deducted)

  • AMI AMI: €7,990

  • My AMI (orange, blue or grey): €8,390

  • My AMI Pop: €8,890

  • My AMI Tonic: €9,190

  • My AMI Cargo: €8,390

Fortunately, Citroën continues to offer long-term rental formulas for the AMI and keeps the basic rate particularly attractive at €19.99 per month, but as a result the amount of the contribution increases and now goes up to €3,652, rent which goes up to €81 without the contribution is still cheaper than a Navigo Pass.

Even with this price increase, the Citroën AMI remains significantly cheaper than its rivals, which are certainly less stripped down, so there is always a promising niche for Citroën with its prices, even if they have risen significantly.

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