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Citroën in third place for electric car sales in Spain in 2023

The Citroën C4 in a red color with black roof

This is an expected performance that Citroën is achieving in the electric car segment in Spain, as I have regularly announced the brand's performance in this segment, which is not important in terms of volume, but important in terms of symbolism. Citroën therefore ended 2023 in third place in sales in the electric car segment and is ambitious for 2024.

Electrification and ambition are indeed the two key words that will mark 2024 for Citroën. The year will be marked, among other things, by the launch of the new ë-C3 from €23,800 in Spain, which will be the spearhead of Citroën's product strategy in 2024, which, for the first time in its history, will have a range with electrified alternatives in all its models, whether 100% electric, plug-in hybrid or 48 V MHEV hybrids.

Citroën is gaining ground on the electric vehicle market with 3,880 registrations sold in 2023, putting it in third place with a market share of 6.4%. In particular, the brand's sales in this segment increased by 82%, outperforming the market, which grew by 72%. Success for cars, but also for vans, as Citroën sold 2,318 electric vans, an increase of 236% compared to 2022, making it the leader in sales of this market segment in Spain.

On the overall market, Citroën reached 58,885 registrations on the Spanish market in 2023, corresponding to a market share of 5.4%, with a decline in sales of 2.4%. In the commercial vehicle sector, Citroën ended the year with 16,672 registrations and a share of 11.3%. Behind these raw figures, however, there is some good news, starting with the Citroën C4, which led the B-segment sedan category for the third year in a row with 11,544 registrations in 2023. Likewise, the Citroën C5X, with 1,370 units sold, recorded a similar performance by taking the lead in the D segment, while at the other end of the range, the Ami is in the race with 843 units sold, representing 87.7% of the electric quadricycle market. Finally, success for the Berlingo van, the best-selling commercial vehicle in Spain in 2023.

With a range that will be 100% electrified in 2024 for both cars and vans, Citroën's performance on the electric car market in Spain in 2023 has every chance of being repeated or even better with the arrival of the new ë-c3, which represents a paradigm shift in the market. Due to its price, the new ë-C3 has every chance of being a great success; Spanish consumers have not been mistaken, with more than 1,000 pre-orders already placed. The revised utility range with an improved electric motor should also allow the brand to extend its lead.

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