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Citroën: exceptional offers for the Open Days in October 2023

exceptional offer for the Citroën C3 for the October 2023 Open Days in France

After the success of the Open Days in June and September, thanks in particular to the exceptional offers on the C3 from 99€/month, Citroën is continuing on the path of rediscovered combativeness with a whole range at accessible prices, hoping to repeat the good results of the last two Open Days in France.

Since the beginning of the year, Citroën has been gradually regaining its competitiveness on the market with exceptional offers that make it possible to offer its vehicles at much more accessible prices, in line with the positioning that the new CEO, Thierry Koskas, insisted on in June.

A few days before the launch of the new C3, which will undoubtedly shake up the market with an extremely interesting and unique offer, Citroën is therefore continuing to promote the current C3 by maintaining the offer of 99 €/month for the You entry-level version. The brand also maintains offers on other models, namely

  • C3 Aircross: available from 139 €/month with a 3,500 € deposit

  • C4 electric: available from €199/month without deposit

  • C4 X: available from €259/month with €3,500 deposit

  • C5 Aircross: available from €239/month with €4,000 deposit

  • C5 X: available from €349/month with €6,000 deposit

However, for these open days, Citroën is making a slight modification to the C4 with thermal engine, which is now available from €199/month with a €3,500 deposit. This makes the C4 particularly attractive and, with the same price for the thermal and electric versions, Citroën allows customers to choose the engine that best suits their needs.

Finally, these open days are also an opportunity for Citroën to present the electric Berlingo with another competitive offer, as the brand's MPV is available from 209 €/month with an initial rent of 2,000 €.

Previous Open Days have been a great success for Citroën, which has benefited from exceptional offers across its entire range, which have been particularly successful with private customers, the most profitable segment of the market. It is therefore no surprise that the brand is repeating these offers for the October Open Day weekend, where it hopes that customers will be able to place as many orders as possible. The latest sales figures for September have helped to reverse the trend, both in France and in Europe, so let's hope that those for October are just as good.

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