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Citroën creates an electric vehicle charging network in India

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A few hours before the presentation of the ëC3, Citroën is increasing the pressure and announces the signature of a partnership for the construction of a charging network in India which will support its range of electric vehicles in a country where Citroën is showing its ambition .

In order to support its range of electric cars, including this all-new ëC3, Citroën is therefore announcing the signing of an agreement with Jio-Bp for the gradual installation of fast charging stations in the brand's network in India. These fast charging stations will be open to everyone to stimulate demand and adoption of electric vehicles by Indian consumers.

Currently, Jio-BP currently operates a network of electric vehicle charging and swapping stations under the Jio-BP Pulse brand. The entire range of this offer is accessible via its mobile application which aims to help customers locate nearby EV charging stations, facilitate digital payments, etc.

On the eve of the presentation of the Citroën ëC3, this partnership shows the good intentions of the brand in India which is really seeking to boost the market for electric cars which are still very expensive in a country where purchasing power is low. . This new ëC3 will be marketed during the first quarter and will benefit from a local integration rate of 90%, making it possible to offer the most affordable prices possible. To support this electric version, the signature of this partnership is essential because it will allow the installation of terminals on the entire network of the brand in India, a network which will be integrated into the "My Citroen Connect" application before the launch. of this new ëC3.

For Citroën, the launch of this highly anticipated ëC3 is a first step since all future products launched in India will offer a 100% electric version, the Brand estimating that the electric vehicle market in India will weigh 25% of the market. Discover the new ëC3 tomorrow on the site and in detail in the next issue of Passionnément Citroën Magazine.

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