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Citroën C5 X to be updated in China for 2023

The new Citroën C5 X 2023 in China, seen from the front in front of a magnificent architectural building. Equipment upgrades make it a premium car perfectly suited to a modern, urban lifestyle.

At the Shanghai Motor Show, where it is presenting the Chinese premiere of the autonomous electric mobility concept called The Skate, Citroën is taking the opportunity to unveil an updated version of its C5 X saloon with the aim of repositioning it in its segment.

This Citroën C5 X 2023 does not include any aesthetic changes, both inside and out, the brand's large saloon remains as it was presented two years ago. However, Citroën has revised its equipment to make it even more competitive on the Chinese market, while at the same time adding features that are unknown in China but already available in Europe.

The C5 X 2023 has been redesigned not only in terms of equipment, but also in terms of comfort, safety and other aspects that have been optimised to improve the overall performance of the car.

The Citroën C5 X now has laminated windows as standard, which reduce external noise by between 1 and 4 decibels depending on the situation. The large Citroën saloon is also fitted as standard with a rear reversing radar, which was not available on the first trim level. The second trim level, Shibong, is equipped with a 360-degree camera for panoramic vision, a front parking radar and an electric tailgate with hands-free controls.

The third trim level, Lingbang, for its part receives perforated leather seats, said Claudia, seats are ventilated as well as a hi-fi system with 10 speakers. Finally, the highest trim level, Yaobufan, which can be translated as "Shine" in European, gets exactly the same services as in Europe, including stainless steel boot rails, the boot lid fly that opens at the same time as the tailgate, the aluminium decoration of the boot sill, this makes the C5 X more practical.

As far as technology is concerned, the big Citroën gets an update of its multimedia system that makes the in-car experience smoother and more stable, while supporting personalised desktops to meet the needs of different consumers according to their preferences. .

The C5 X also benefits from improvements on the engine side, now offering a power of 175 bhp, still drawn from the 1.6 THP engine, which it associates with the EAT8 gearbox.

To sum up, Citroën has improved the C5 X by adding new features at a very affordable price, starting at 143,701 yuan or 19,050 euros and going up to 186,701 yuan or 24,750 euros. The large Citroën is therefore still very well positioned in China, offering services in higher categories at a particularly attractive price. These prices are accompanied by multiple discounts to facilitate the purchase and a price guarantee for the resale of the car. Citroën is thus giving itself the means to make a fresh start in China with the C5 X, which is ranked around 20th in its segment and remains by far the best seller of the brand and the Stellantis group.

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