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Citroën C5 X hybrid: first in its category in October in France

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Marketed since April in France, the new large sedan is gaining momentum over the months, disrupted by production and delivery constraints. Thus, the C5 X hybrid took the lead in its category in October and achieved its best month since its launch in France. Figures that augur a satisfactory year 2023 even if the sky is not completely clear.

With 412 units registered in France in October, the C5 X achieved its best month there since its launch and a real ramp-up is emerging since monthly sales doubled between June and October. Of these 412 units, the hybrid version represents 57% of sales in France, a figure which allows it to be first in its segment in October, second since the beginning of the year. This figure of 57% is a little lower than the forecasts which expected 65% but should rise significantly with the end of the 180 heat engine and its replacement by the 180 hybrid version, which has already arrived on the C5 Aircross, and whose arrival on the C5 X should be done in the first half of next year.

With 2,290 units sold in France since the start of the year, the Citroën C5 X is approaching the Top 100, which it should enter this month of November if the trend of recent months is confirmed. The new big Citroën is ahead of the Peugeot 508 for the months of September and October in France and in Europe where it passed its Peugeot sister for the month of September, the figures for October not being yet available.

In the coming days, I will come back to the details of the sales of the C5 X in France and in Europe where it will be possible to make a more complete point. Still, the large Citroën makes figures in line with its segment, which has fallen a lot in recent years, so it is logical that it does much less than the previous C5s. However, passing the 508, the C5 X is the first French D-segment sedan, in France and Europe in September, which proves that it is still possible to succeed, even if the figures are low, by being original .

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