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Citroën C5 Aircross: small update in China

Citroën C5 Aircross front view in China

While the situation for foreign brands in general and Stellantis in particular is hardly flourishing, Citroën is not forgetting the Chinese market and presents a slightly updated version of its C5 Aircross large SUV, which increases its technological endowment without undergoing any aesthetic changes.

Introduced eight days ago, the update of the C5 Aircross is officially launched with pre-sales that precede the commercial launch that will take place at the beginning of August. The C5 Aircross 2023 gets a new body colour, which is already known in Europe as Eclipse Blue, called Extreme Night Blue on the Chinese market. It joins three other colours, including China Red, the famous red specific to the Chinese market. The other shades are a pearl white and a classic grey called Qingyan Grey. That's it as far as aesthetic changes go, as the C5 Aircross has recently been restyled and is now in the second part of its career, so there was no need to bring new aesthetic changes to it.

Most of the changes have been made to the interior, which now features an updated multimedia system with a number of very interesting new features that modernise the C5 Aircross considerably. We already knew that the models offered in China were much more technologically advanced than those offered in Europe, and Citroën proves this once again. In fact, the C5 Aircross comes with the Connect 3.0 system, which allows you to do several things:

- Augmented reality navigation, which allows you to follow the route superimposed on a real image

- A reversing camera with 360° panoramic vision

- a function that makes the vehicle invisible, allowing you to see the ground underneath the car, similar to what Land Rover offers by 'erasing' the front of the vehicle to find out what is underneath the wheels.

Other new features are also on offer, but are more familiar here, such as the front parking sensor, a new remote control or the ability to have a key on a smartphone.

The C5 Aircross will be available with two petrol engines (1.6 or 1.8 litre), ranging from 175 to 210 bhp. The two models available for pre-sale will be priced as follows

C5 Aircross 1.6: 152,700 Yuan or €19,300

C5 Aircross 1.8: 169,700 Yuan or €21,500

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