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Citroën C3: the offer at 99€/month maintained all summer long

The Citroën C3 You! here in black colour sold from 99€/month all summer long

At the beginning of June, Citroën struck a blow with a C3 you! Bl€ack that the brand offered from 99€/month, a special offer planned for the month of June and in particular the Open Days. After the great success of this offer, which allowed Citroën to achieve a historic month in orders to individuals, the brand has decided to extend this offer throughout the summer.

Since the arrival of the new teams in France and the replacement of Vincent Cobée by Thierry Koskas, Citroën has regained a welcome combativeness, allowing it to start again after a bad end to the year which saw it fall out of the top 3 in terms of sales in France. These newcomers have given the brand back its resources and, above all, its fighting spirit, with well-placed offers that have a major impact on orders and, ultimately, on monthly registrations.

One such offer is the C3 You!, which has been on sale since the beginning of June for €99 per month and was due to expire at the end of the month. However, in view of the enormous success of this offer, which clearly demonstrates the attention paid by consumers to the sales price, the brand has decided to extend the offer for the months of July and August, in the hope of confirming the excellent results recorded in June in terms of orders. The C3 You! is still available at 99€/month, but this time it is no longer available in black, but in sand, the basic colour of the C3. The deposit to benefit from this offer has been slightly increased to €3,500, a necessary condition to take advantage of this relatively well equipped C3 You! without sacrificing style for less than €100 per month.

The brand is also continuing with its tempting commercial offers for the C3 Aircross and ë-C4 Live, which will continue to be sold from 139 €/month for the brand's urban SUV and from 199 €/month for the family electric saloon, a hot offer that will also have a major impact on the sales of the electric C4, which I will tell you about in a few days' time. With these hot commercial offers, Citroën has shown that it is still in the game and it has paid off as the brand has recorded a record number of orders, which should be reflected in sales figures in the coming weeks. This confirms that consumers are very attentive to the retail price, and when the brand offers them cars that are well positioned in terms of price, they respond. This is a good omen for the next models in the range, particularly the C3 and C3 Aircross, which are due to be launched.

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