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Citroën C3: 9,000 orders already received in France

The Citroën C3 2024 in profile, in a red shade

On 17 October, Citroën broke new ground by becoming the first brand to offer a versatile, comfortable, well-equipped electric vehicle with a decent range for less than €25,000. The new electric C3 immediately captured the imagination of consumers, who responded massively to pre-orders and have been rushing to buy it since it went on sale.

The day after the presentation, Citroën opened pre-orders, allowing consumers interested in the new C3 to register to be contacted by dealers when orders become available. In just under two months and without any real communication, almost 20,000 people have registered, demonstrating a real interest in the accessible electric mobility that the brand is promoting with this fourth generation C3.

The real success of the pre-orders led Citroën to bring forward the opening of the official orders by three weeks, especially as the brand wanted to take advantage of the My Electric Leasing system, which allowed it to offer the new ë-C3 from €54 per month, making it one of the most accessible cars on the market. And the brand was right to open orders in advance, as customers flocked to the new C3, both within the framework of social leasing and within the traditional framework, as Citroën recorded more than 9,000 orders for the new C3 in France alone, without any massive communication, as the launch campaign had only just started. In fact, even if orders are open, the new Citroën C3 is not yet officially launched, its effective marketing would be for the month of May with first deliveries in June, it is therefore from May that the brand will communicate massively on its new versatile saloon.

Electric then thermal

This success of the new C3 will be amplified by the arrival of the thermal engines, since Citroën has confirmed that a 100 hp petrol engine will be offered for sale upon marketing, followed, at the end of the year, by a 100 hp hybrid engine. also allowing customers to taste the joys of electric driving while keeping the budget even tighter.

Although the brand has not yet announced the prices of the thermal versions, there is no doubt that the latter will benefit from the advances that Citroën has made on the electric version to display a very competitive selling price, which could be lower than that of the current one. generation C3 with superior comfort and equipment.

These competitive prices for the thermal versions should therefore increase the number of orders for the new C3, since for the moment only the 100% electric version can be ordered. This leads to a first observation, since if consumers are waiting for an accessible electric saloon, it is because they are not resistant to electric, but this engine was not accessible to them, it is This is the whole point of the strategy operated by Citroën, which is to offer an electric car with good autonomy, a good level of equipment and comfort at a price accessible to all, without being cheap. -cost. The brand has succeeded in transforming the way it designs cars, modifying production to reduce the cost price without compromising on equipment, style or even comfort.

With almost 10,000 orders since its launch, the new C3 is well on the way to repeating the incredible success of the current generation. The forthcoming arrival of the thermal engines, which should be much more accessible, and a good communication campaign, preceded by the press tests that will take place in a few weeks, will undoubtedly make the C3 better known to the public and thus attract even more orders.

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