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Citroën Berlingo: all prices in Spain, electric and diesel

The new Citroën Berlingo 2024 in blue color

The new Citroën Berlingo will be launched at the end of 2023, with a completely redesigned front and a more modern, comfortable and technological interior. After opening orders in France, Citroën opens orders in Spain, which gives the opportunity to know the prices of the diesel versions in addition to the electric one.

Launched in 2018, the third generation of the Citroën Berlingo was a real success, both in terms of private cars and utility versions. From 2022, however, Citroën, like the other Stellantis brands, will only offer the electric version in order to comply with the emission quotas imposed by the European Commission, resulting in a sharp drop in sales.

However, life goes on for the Berlingo, which receives a significant restyling with a completely redesigned front end, abandoning the two-stage headlights to adopt the brand's new visual signature of two horizontal bars framing a vertical bar. This new front end radically transforms the brand's MPV, which now has a more assertive, dynamic stance. Inside, comfort is improved with the presence of Advanced Comfort seats and the dashboard has been revised to be more technological.

In terms of engines, the Berlingo remains faithful to the 136 hp electric version, but a battery with revised chemistry (LFP) allows a range of more than 300 km. However, the diesel versions are making a comeback, at least in Spain for the time being, whose characteristics and prices are listed here.

The electric versions would only be available in two versions, Plus and Max, and in two body lengths. Prices would start at €32,323 for the 5-seater Plus version and go up to €34,629 for the 5-seater Max, with the long 7-seater versions costing an extra €870 in both versions.

Of course, the diesel versions are much more affordable, even if the electric version has not yet had its last word. Citroën offers two diesel engines, the HDi 100 with manual gearbox and the HDi 130 with manual or automatic gearbox.

Prices would be as follows:

  • Plus: HDI 100 manual gearbox: €24,675

  • HDI 130 manual gearbox: €26,600

  • Max: HDI 130 manual gearbox: €28,990

  • HDI 130 EAT8 automatic: €29,600

The new Citroën Berlingo would therefore be around €8,000 cheaper than the equivalent electric version, but everything could change with the government aid plans and in particular the particularly interesting Moves III plan in Spain, which brings the price of the electric Berlingo almost to the level of the diesel versions. Of course, the Berlingo HDi will offer much greater autonomy, but the ë-Berlingo retains for itself silence, the absence of vibrations and a lower total cost of ownership in relation to charging prices.

Nevertheless, Citroën has adopted a good strategy by allowing consumers to choose a diesel engine in addition to the electric one. Will the brand be tempted in France? Nothing is certain and for the time being, the Berlingo will only be available in an electric version, but there are plans for a thermal version. Answer in a few weeks.

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