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Citroën announces the future ëC3 in India

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Announced a few weeks ago for the month of December, the future 100% electric version of the new C3 in India has just had its first teaser by Citroën, which allows us to know its final name. The one whose marketing should be made during the first quarter of 2023 will therefore be called Citroën ëC3 Electric and will aim to offer an accessible electric offer in a country where the price is essential.

This first announcement of the future Citroën ëC3 allows the brand to transform the slogan of the Indian C3 which becomes "Express your eStyle" instead of "Express your style", a way of indicating that the future electric version of this C3 is an additional version to the range and not a specific version as some rumors announced.

Already surprised in photos several times without camouflage, the new ëC3 should not stand out strongly from the thermal versions except for the appearance of the charging socket which will be located on the right front wing allowing easier connection to the terminals charging. We will have to see how Citroën has managed to fulfil the fuel door, if it is just blocked or completely absent, which would require a completely new rear wing and therefore a new mold in the factory, increasing the costs.

The great unknown concerns the electric motorization as well as the size of the batteries, we know that Citroën will not use the electric traction chain of the C4, the future ëC3 should have a battery smaller than 50 kWh in order to contain the selling price, necessarily higher than the thermal versions currently on sale.

The future Citroën ëC3 will therefore be presented within a few days before making its first public appearance in January 2023 and marketing during the first quarter. It will be followed by a natural gas engine and then by the arrival of the automatic gearbox, which means that 2023 will be a busy year for the Citroën C3 in India.

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