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Citroën Ami : to dominate the French market in 2023, a historic first

The Citroën Ami in its Buggy version

2023 was a difficult year for Citroën in France, it's an understatement to say, but in this dark atmosphere there are still some rays of light and the Citroën Ami is certainly one of them. The brand's little chip can even boast of being the sales leader in its segment, all engines combined, something that has never happened since its launch.

This is indeed a first for Citroën, as the brand has managed to place the Ami at the top of the French quadricycle market (L6) for all engines combined. With 9,556 units sold over the year, the Citroën Ami accounted for 36% of sales in the segment, all engines combined, a share that rises to almost 82% for electric quadricycles alone. The Citroën Ami's performance in the quadricycle segment means that the share of sales of electric quadricycles reaches 43.90% of the segment, making it one of the most electrified segments of the French market.

The arrival of the Citroën Ami on the market has undoubtedly transformed the electric quadricycle segment, as the share of electric quadricycles will increase from 5% to 44% between 2019 and 2023, mainly due to the arrival of the brand's small chip. The latter also allowed the market to grow significantly, recording another strong growth in 2023 with +20% compared to 2022. In total, the quadricycle market in France now stands at 26,543 units, including 11,654 electric quadricycles.

2023 was a very good year for Ami with the launch of the second series of My Ami Buggy, this time on a much larger scale. The 800 units were sold quickly, as Citroën sold them in just 10 hours, with France standing out by selling the 300 units reserved for it in just 1 hour. But 2023 was also an opportunity for Ami to develop successfully in many countries, particularly in Italy, which I will tell you about later.

In conclusion, when Citroën breaks market codes, commercial success is achieved. Ami is a real, different, daring Citroën that makes electric driving accessible to all thanks to these particularly attractive prices, and it works, you only have to go near a middle or high school to see how Ami is adopted by young customers, which bodes well for the brand if it manages to retain the loyalty of this clientele acquired through Ami and who could find a way to continue their journey with Citroën with the new models.

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