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Citroën AMI sales leader in its segment in Spain

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While the small Citroën AMI has just passed the 10,000th order in Italy and is continuing its success in France with an increase in orders of 23% in 2022, the small Citroën chip is also performing well in Spain where it is first in sales in its category.

Thanks to AMI, the market for light quadricycles has experienced very strong growth in recent years, with the success of the Citroën chip contributing to the development of sales in this segment. In 2022, 3,464 quadricycles were sold in Spain, an increase of 5.5% compared to 2021, while the PC market fell by 14.1%.

In this market segment, Citroën AMI is the leader with 559 units sold and a growth rate of 6.7%, which is higher than the market. The Citroën chip is a few dozen units ahead of the Ligier JS50, as the small Ligier sold 514 units and does not offer a 100% electric version. In third place is the Aixam City, up 16.3% to 442 units, but also with a combustion engine. Ligier and Aixam have traditionally dominated the market for four-wheelers in Spain, but the arrival of AMI has turned the market upside down and allowed Citroën to take the lead in the entire segment, including thermal and electric.

The Citroën AMI dominates the quadricycle market in Spain for the second consecutive year, a market it conquered in 2021, its first year on the market when the latter was not a full year. The success of the AMI is thus confirmed in all countries where it is marketed, which has led to an increase in production at the Kenitra plant in Morocco, without the latter being able to meet demand, resulting in longer delivery times.

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