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Citroën Ami: partner of committed micro-mobility in Italy

La Citroën Ami via Pikyrent de profil

Since its launch in 2020, the Citroën Ami has responded to many and varied needs and is always present where you might not expect it. However, it is most comfortable in micro-cities, as confirmed by the Italian company Pikyrent, which has chosen the Citroën Ami for its fleet and has enjoyed great success in 15 months.

Always at the forefront of promoting intelligent and sustainable urban mobility, Citroën immediately joined the Pikyrent project, a start-up offering an engaging, innovative and 100% electric micro-mobility experience. The same elements that are driving the brand's electrification process to pave the way for a better future.

Currently active in the city of Bari and soon to be in Taranto, the shared mobility service signed by Pikyrent includes 62 Citroën Ami (32 already in service and 30 on the way) and 6 My Ami Cargo.

La Citroën Ami via Pikyrent à Bari en Italie

15 months after the service was launched, the data recorded is significant: 18,000 total rentals, more than 70,000 km travelled and 2,800 users who rented the brand's small chip for an average of 15 minutes per rental. In addition, around 20 tonnes of CO2 have been saved thanks to zero-emission driving.

In addition, around 40% of active users are aged between 20 and 30, and are mainly workers and students who use Friend to get to work or university in the morning, and young people who use Friend to get to nightlife areas in the evening. Cargo AMIs are mainly used by small craftsmen and traders to transport tools and goods.

The start-up Pikyrent has developed a car-sharing platform for the complete management of shared mobility. To use the service, you need to download the dedicated application and register by entering your personal details, driving licence and payment instrument. You can then search for the nearest vehicle on the map and, when you arrive, start the rental. At the end of the journey, the user terminates the rental through the application and the minutes of the journey are automatically charged to the chosen payment method. The price is per minute, with the possibility of buying vouchers, subscriptions and discounts. In Bari, Pikyrent manages all aspects: from the integration of the vehicle's IOT systems on the technological platform to the management of the road fleet and its loading.

Antonio Decaro, Mayor of Bari, says: "We are happy that the car-sharing service has been established in our city and that the example of Bari has been positive for other cities that have decided to invest in this shared transport system, which in this case can also count on the added value of being a fully electric service, which not only reduces the number of cars on the road but also limits the harmful emissions that cars unfortunately still produce in the area. Until a few years ago, no company wanted to invest in the car-sharing service in Rome, we had to work hard to improve the service and the reliability of the city. Today it is nice to be able to say that Bari is the leading city in the all-electric car-sharing service in southern Italy".

For her part, Antonella Comes, CEO of Pikyrent, says: "We firmly believe in the development and growth of shared micro-mobility, which should be the prerogative not only of large metropolises, but also of medium and small towns. Thanks to the constant expansion of the Citroën Ami fleet, we will be able to offer our users an even more complete and efficient service. To date, Pikyrent is the only shared mobility operator in Italy that, thanks to its strong innovative vocation, has developed free-floating shared micro-mobility with these lightweight and fully electric quadricycles. We are convinced that vehicles like the Citroën Ami can become a means of promoting a new way of living in all cities, more sustainable, more intelligent and even more inclusive, in line with European decarbonisation objectives. "

Alessandro Musumeci, Marketing Director of Citroën Italia, concludes: "We are proud to have been chosen by Pikyrent because their project reflects our vision of an increasingly sustainable and responsible mobility of the future. Moreover, the revolutionary AMI - 100% electric and the efficient My Ami Cargo represent a mobility solution accessible to all, 100% electric, ultra-compact and handy, making everyday life easier for citizens and professionals alike. And we are sure that tourists will also be satisfied with our vehicles while enjoying the artistic beauties of Bari and soon Taranto".

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